The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) serves the people in all or parts of 15 counties in Northeast Nebraska, and is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors elected by the people of the district.  Much of the district’s funding comes from local property taxes.  However, additional funds may be obtained from various state and federal sources.

The Nebraska Legislature enacted laws in 1972 to combine 154 special purpose entities into 23 Natural Resources Districts (NRDs).

NRDs are local government units with broad responsibilities to protect natural resources.  Major Nebraska river basins form the boundaries enabling districts to respond best to local needs.

The responsibilities of the NRDs are in the following areas of resource conservation:

  1. Erosion prevention and control. 
  2. Prevention of damages from flood water and sediment 
  3. Flood prevention and control 
  4. Soil conservation 
  5. Water supply for any beneficial uses 
  6. Development, management, utilization and conservation of groundwater and surface water 
  7. Pollution control 
  8. Solid waste disposal and sanitary drainage 
  9.  Drainage improvement and channel rectification 
  10. Development and management of fish and wildlife habitat 
  11. Development and management of recreational and park facilities 
  12. Forestry and range management 

The LENRD is proud of its major accomplishments in preserving northeast Nebraska’s natural resources since 1972.  Here are a few things the LENRD may be able to help you with:  Outdoor classrooms for your city park or school;  Free nitrate testing for your irrigation wells;  Water Festivals for school children;  Community recreation projects;  Conservation trees and forestry programs;  Free materials for churches and schools;  No-till Incentive Program;  Wildlife Habitat cost-share assistance;  Groundwater Quality & Quantity programs;  Outdoor Recreation facilities;  Soil Conservation cost-share;  Funds available to seal abandoned wells;  Flood Control Levees to protect cities, towns, and villages;  Road Structures to replace old bridges, and much more.

The LENRD has programs to fit both urban and rural life-styles. The public is invited to stop by the Norfolk office and browse through the information and educational library and visit with staff about our conservation programs.

The LENRD is located at 1508 Square Turn Boulevard in Norfolk.