Soil & Water Stewardship Week

The Lower Elkhorn NRD provides learning materials to churches and schools across the 15-county district, in celebration of Soil & Water Stewardship Week.  In past years, the materials were printed by the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and the Lower Elkhorn NRD purchased the materials and provided them free of charge.  NACD no longer prints the materials for us, so we are providing them below in electronic format for your use.  Each year will reflect a different conservation message.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please contact Julie at the LENRD office if you have further questions or email us:

If you're not able to download the items below, contact us for direct links or visit:


2019 - Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper


Educators Guide

Level 1 student booklet - grades K-1

Level 2 student booklet - grades 2-3

Level 3 student booklet - grades 4-5

Level 4 student booklet - grades 6-8


Church Leaders Guide


Program Insert

Program Blank 

Ground Water Flow Model Demonstrations

A sand-tank groundwater flow model is available for classroom demonstrations. The model is a useful educational tool for visually describing groundwater and its importance. It simulates an aquifer and demonstrates groundwater quantity and quality issues. Available for loan from the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District in Norfolk or on request the Information & Education Specialist may visit your school to demonstrate the groundwater flow model.

Free Comic and Coloring Books Relating to Natural Resources

Available from LENRD:

  • Discover the Waters of Nebraska

  • Every Drop Counts

  • I Love My World

  • Saving Energy & Water

  • The Earth is in Our Hands



  • Conservation Poster Contest - K-12

  • Outdoor Classroom Grant Program

  • Tree Donations to Classes or Youth Groups

  • Teacher Scholarship Program to attend Environmental Education Conferences

  • Soil and Water Stewardship Week Materials available free of charge to Churches and Schools throughout our 15-county district

  • Wonderful World of Water - A program for 9th and 10th graders held at Gilman Park & Arboretum in Pierce - September

  • FFA Land Judging and Range Judging Contests

  • Elkhorn H2O Daze - A water festival for 5th graders at Northeast Community College - March

  • Walk in the Woods - A hands-on learning day for 4th graders, alternates between Norfolk and West Point - September

  • ACE Camp

Teacher Guides/Activities:

  • Project Wild - K-12

  • Aquatic Wild - K-12

  • Project Learning Tree - K-12

  • Project WET - K-12

  • Stop, Look and Learn About Our Natural World - K-12

  • WOW! (The Wonders of Wetlands) - K-12

Learn about the Environment through Outdoor Classrooms

Imagine how convenient it would be for a teacher to take students out to learn about nature and the environment without leaving the schoolyard. And, think of how beneficial it would be for these students to apply concepts and reinforce classroom learning in a setting they have helped to create and maintain.

These educational goals can become a reality through the development of an outdoor classroom. Establishing an outdoor classroom on school property is an excellent educational tool to help create respect and awareness of our environment among students of all ages.

Students benefit when a teacher can open the classroom door and go outside to use the schoolyard as a learning site.

This unique outdoor laboratory can make "hands-on" learning fun and challenging. Most importantly, an outdoor classroom of any size can help students focus on the need to care for our precious natural resources.

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) provides cost-share assistance for schools to establish an outdoor classroom on school grounds. Schools must first have an established plan and administrative approval before applying for assistance.

Several schools in the Norfolk area are interested in the program and have already started the application process. If your school would like to learn more about outdoor classrooms or would like to complete an online application for financial assistance fill out the following form or contact Julie Wragge at the LENRD.